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A Simple Story

You have probably heard the famous Walt Disney quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing started with a dream and a mouse.”

Well, it’s sort of how The QT started. It started with a dream, a bunch of cuties, a bit of frustration, a tad of desperation, and a whole lot of love. And it happened at a point in time when I found myself thinking a great deal about what matters most to me as a person and as a parent.

It’s rather simple. As a parent, what matters to me most is the well-being and the future of my kids. As a person, what matters to me most is to have a purpose.

To me, being a parent is a big responsibility. There are numerous books and studies on this topic, but without doubt, the way we raise our kids has a profound long-term impact on: 1) the adults they become, and ultimately 2) on their well-being and their future.

To cut the long story short, I’ll only say this: I do not want to raise my kids with stereotypes, I do not want to limit them, I do not want to constrain their dreams. I want them to be free to be the people they will be.

So, as a parent, I got really frustrated when I couldn’t find clothes with adorable animal prints for my boy. For girls and for babies - no problem - cute prints are pretty much the norm. For boys after toddlerhood, finding anything with a cute print is close to impossible. I find gender stereotyping - in clothes, toys, leisure activities, TV shows, and so on - so unfair and frustrating.

I started The QT because I wanted to make stereotype-free cute clothes that boys and girls can enjoy - equally. In this way I feel as if I'm helping parents raise their boys and girls as equals. I'm a firm believer that gender equality starts at home and with raising our children free from gender stereotypes.

A love for animals knows no boundaries and is something my kids and I have in common. We spend time together aww-ing at puppies, pandas, chinchillas, seals, sloths... you name it. And it brings us joy, it brings us together, it brings us closer to one another and to nature. I want The QT to be a brand that not only brings cuteness to kids' everyday lives and wardrobes but also helps to nurture their love for animals and nature.

Speaking of nature, I’m opening up another painful topic. We are RUINING it. That, too, is beyond unfair and frustrating. That, too, impacts on the well-being and the future of our kids. That's why the most important thing for me is to make apparel that is as kind as possible to all living beings and our planet.

At The QT, we're on a mission to spread cuteness sustainably, all while nurturing a deep love for our planet and empowering parents to raise their children with the values of equality. We believe in crafting a cuter, more joyful present and building a brighter, more equal future for our kids, one adorable basic at a time. Will you join us?


Petya, Founder of The QT