What you buy matters. How you care for it matters. How you dispose of it matters. And it matters more than you can possibly imagine. But we cannot control all of that. We can control what we do as a business. And we are doing it with love for our kids, our planet and all living beings:

Beautiful Inside & Out

Because for us, it's not just about the looks and beautiful designs. It's about the substance - designs that are kind to people and nature. While producing clothes will always have an impact, we are committed to make it minimal. We are the change we want to see in the fashion industry. It isn't cheap. It isn’t easy. But it's beautiful - inside and out.

Did you know that 99.9% of clothes out there are unrecyclable? Because they are made using polyester tags and sewing threads, and contain elastane or other synthetics, as well as decorations, such as 
embroideries and sequins to name a few. All that hidden plastic will ends up in the environment and in our bodies - polluting the water we drink, the air we breath and the food we eat.

The QT is designed for circularity to be as close as possible to all-natural, fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. We are the 0.1% and we are passionate about making plastic-free clothes that wash without polluting because they are made all-natural to the tiniest detail, including all tags, sewing threads and buttons. Because every tiny detail matters. 

Since our garments are designed for circularity, they can easily be fully recycled. So when you think you are done with your The QT garments, please, allow them to continue to serve their purpose and DON'T THROW THEM AWAY! Hand them down to a younger sibling, friend or relative, repair, repurpose, resell or recycle them instead.

Ethically & Responsibly Made

The main ingredient in our products are the people who make them happen. We put people first and strive to bring joy and positivity not only to those who use our products, but to everyone involved in bringing them to life. 

At The QT, we are committed to sustainable design, which means that we strive to minimise the negative impact of what we do on people, animals and the environment. We strive to bring to our customers apparel that is as harmless as possible to all living beings and our planet.

Being organic is not enough because it only refers to how the cotton was grown. That's why The QT garments are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.  The GOTS certification proves that the entire manufacturing process is sustainable, including rigid controls on chemical use and working conditions. When you choose The QT, you can be sure that you choose products that are pure and organic, free from hazardous chemicals, made in fair and ethical working conditions, and made through environmentally friendly practices, from seed all the way down to you.

We strive to be a plastic-free business every step of the way and we keep our packaging to the bare minimum, using only sustainably sourced, recycled and fully recyclable paper, and each garment comes in a fully compostable and biodegradable bag (which can be repurposed as a food waste caddy liner :)

Animal-loving & Vegan

We love animals as we love ourselves. That's why not only is our product range adorned with adorable animals but also it is entirely vegan.


From the gender-free styles to the Knee Patch bottoms, The QT apparel is made to last and transcend siblings, cousins, friends and trends. We do the timeless styles and lasting quality, you enjoy and spread the joy (by passing them on, when they get outgrown :)