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Article: The Knee Patch Diaries

The Knee Patch Diaries

The Knee Patch Diaries

If your kids (like mine) are masters of knee holes, the knees of their bottoms get ruined almost immediately; with holes that are very hard to repair :( 

I’ll never forget this time when my son and I went to the park - him wearing a brand new pair of joggers. By the time we made it home, he had four knee holes (two on each knee!) and all of them quite large and hard to repair. 

As an experiment, I repaired a pair of ruined leggings with a patch from another ruined, colourful bottoms. My son was then happy to continue wearing them, because he liked the colourful patch underneath :D

I decided to introduce this kind of knee patch through The QT because I haven’t seen it anywhere else, and I didn’t want to create clothes that might otherwise be disposed of quickly. 

This rather seamless and stylish knee patch serves several purposes: 1) it reinforces the top layer and makes it more lasting2) it adds an extra layer of protection against harsh surfaces, but most importantly 3) it significantly extends the life of the garment

And I do mean “significantly”. Because once the knees start getting ruined, the holes have nice colourful fabric showing underneath. The idea is that kids won’t reject wearing their torn pants, and will actually enjoy that creative defect.

Also, if the underlay starts getting ruined, you can easily repair it, and you can keep repairing it for as long as you like. Since the knees already look “distressed”, they have a life of their own and the garment continues to serve its purpose!

Did you know that by increasing the active life of all clothing by 9 months we could reduce the annual carbon, water and waste footprints of UK clothing by 20-30% each, and cut resource costs by £5 billion? (

I didn’t know either at the time, but now that I do, I love this simple design feature even more. I trust that there are more parents out there who would appreciate The QT Knee Patch and would love it as much as I do.

The QT Knee Patch has been tried and tested for several months by two masters of knee holes, who keep wearing their “distressed” leggings and joggers with great joy and enthusiasm :)



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