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The QT Wombat Tennis

Wombat Tennis

For the cutest players, from London to Memphis.

Join the playful world of wombats celebrating these adorable creatures and their curious habits. Did you know that wombats have a surprising claim to fame? Their poop is cube-shaped! It's not just a fun fact; it also helps prevent their droppings from rolling away in their habitat. Get ready for a smashing good time in every bounce and roll!


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Organic Classic Sweatshirt - Wombat TennisOrganic Classic Sweatshirt - Wombat Tennis
Organic Classic Tee - Wombat TennisOrganic Classic Tee - Wombat Tennis
Organic Cap Sleeve Tee - Wombat TennisOrganic Cap Sleeve Tee - Wombat Tennis
Zip-Up Vest - Grey Marl - The QTOrganic Terry Zip-Up Vest - Grey Marl
Organic Knee Patch Jersey Joggers - Black InkOrganic Knee Patch Jersey Joggers - Black Ink
Organic Terry Joggers - Grey MarlOrganic Terry Joggers - Grey Marl
Organic Bermuda Shorts - Grey MarlOrganic Bermuda Shorts - Grey Marl
Organic Knee Patch Leggings - Black MultistripeOrganic Knee Patch Leggings - Black Multistripe
Organic Cosy Rib Snood - Black MultistripeOrganic Cosy Rib Snood - Black Multistripe